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trinidad+tobago film festival

The trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff) celebrates films from and about the Caribbean and its diaspora, as well as from world cinema, through an annual festival and year-round screenings.
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project description

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the ttff team and LAZAbeam for 3 consecutive years, producing engaging film trailers leading up to the festival. I was tasked with compiling the individual films and editing their respective trailers into a composite promotional video to showcase the festival’s offerings for each year.

Below are the trailers produced for the ttff from 2014-2016. Above is the infographic video I was given the opportunity to design and animate, which complemented the trailer and outlined the details of the 2016 festival.

"Jermold produced the official trailers for the trinidad + tobago film festival in 2014 and 2015. As the Project Coordinator for the trailers, I found working with him one of the easiest and most straightforward processes. He understood the complexities of our brand and messaging; and made our trailers dynamic, emotionally exciting and really helped to build up excitement for our annual film festival. Jermold also worked closely with our music producer seamlessly. Many of our audiences raved that our 2014 ttff trailer was the best ever, so it was quite a task for him to beat that in 2015. I'm happy to say that he rose brilliantly to the challenge and exceeded our hopes. I fully endorse Jermold and will definitely be engaging his services again soon."
Melvina Hazard
Project Coordinator
Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival


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