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Pinkcab is a new ridesharing service exclusively for women and children. The service was created solely for the safety and empowerment of all women.

project description

I was tasked with developing a unique and iconic brand identity for the first female-focus transportation tech initiative in the Caribbean. PinkCab is a women-only service that empowers women with the tools to travel (rider) or provide transportation (driver) with freedom and peace of mind. 

With this in mind, I began by developing the verbal identity of the company, in collaboration with PinkCab team. I guided them through the process by holding ID workshops (identity) to discover the true essence of the brand. This evolved into its core proposition: “Driven Women”. This double entendre is perfectly suited for the principles that founded the brand and the women it represents.

The wordmark and brand symbol needed to not only complement this ideal, but also be feminine, strong, and independent. The symbol was designed to represent this concept in every way. The “P” for PinkCab comprises of the “map marker” representing location and free movement; the circular characteristics of the icon and wordmark are symbolic of security and community; and the triangular forms within the P represent change (delta) and future growth.

All of these elements unite to form the logo and “the face” of PinkCab embedded within the P, representing the women the company is focused on supporting. “The face” is meant to be abstract and subtle, leaving a subconscious yet recognisable indication of PinkCab’s focus on women and their journey. Combined with colour psychology, Magenta embodies femininity, while security and strength are supported by Navy. The font chosen for the brand is Kabrio, a superfamily of typefaces with an extremely broad range of styles for numerous applications. Kabrio is a San Serif font that brings modern innovation to the forefront. The subtle curves of the wordmark’s structure allows the brand to feel approachable, and adds a sense of sophistication and elegance to the visual brand aesthetic.



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