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electrical industries group

EIG is the conglomeration of three major local manufacturing brands, and a multi-national distributor of industrial-grade products. Their blend of products fall into three major categories, being cables, plastics, and lighting.

project description

The challenge for developing the EIG Brand Identity was the unification of these very distinct brands and having the logo represent each of them equally. The design also needed to appeal to the visual preferences of the company and its executives. With consideration for brand equity they’ve amassed over their many years of operation, I approached their branding in a very literal manner. 

By focusing on the keywords that represent the brand’s essence and its main product categories (Cables, Lighting & Power, and Plastics), I developed the logo using the ‘EIG’ initials with a vertically layered structure, emphasising the order in which the companies were acquired. Hidden within the logo is the symbol for ‘micro’ which also doubles as the symbol for power, paying homage to the sub-company (EIL) that started it all and their processing methods.

This design is tied together by the fourth category, Distribution, by using the single stripe running through each of the company representations which has become the company’s signature of approval for products that pass the test. This adds a visual cue for connection and portrays the union between each company.

I’m proud to say that the project was completed within the tight budget and timelines allocated to the satisfaction of all stakeholders involved. See what they had to say in my Testimonials.

Electrical Industries Group


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