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Posting tips for the everyday environmentalist who wants to make small changes towards the bigger picture

project description

As an upcoming blog and potential influencer in the world of environmentalism & the battle against climate change, a design that was personal yet impactful was needed for Ecoish. For these reasons we chose to approach the Ecoish brandmark with the idea that a little goes a long way to changing the world.
1. The wordmark:
Different levels of commitment to the cause still constitute the same goal, so we illustrated this in the wordmark. “Eco” on the upper level represents the dedicated lifestyle of living completely “green”. While “ish” on the lower level represents the bit of effort it takes to make small changes, which collectively reap impactful results. By strategically placing “ish” under “eco”, the reformed “i” dually represents both the “I” as in me, and a magnifying glass which is symbolic of the search for solutions.
2. The colours:
We chose the dominant colours of our beautiful planet for Ecoish. For the primary colours, a pairing of medium and dark greens were chosen to blend closest to the flora of our land. For the secondary colours, a pairing of medium and dark blues were chosen to blend with our atmosphere/oceans.
3. The symbol:
In designing the symbol, the concept’s foundation was laid by paying homage to the idea that started the modern movement… “reduce, reuse, recycle”. However, this concept has evolved as our knowledge of our circumstances grew. This is why we opted for the “twin arrow circle” to best represent the brand. The symbolism of this icon ties back to ecosystems and the ideal of positive global change represented by the circular shape; progress and progressive thinking represented by the arrows; the “R’s” concept that brought us this far; the dire need for more involvement and transparency represented by the horizontal gap between the arrows.
4. The brand:
Bringing everything together is the font choice of “Raleway”, embodying a modern, elegant simplicity to contrast the complicated challenges Ecoish tackles. Lastly by filling this gap in the symbol with the “ecoish” wordmark, the brandmark/logo depicts the dream environmental harmony, awareness, and more… It all starts with us, and the ideal/future we strive for will only happen if we work together.


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